Ants are Awesome

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So I was walking around the 21st floor of our condo last night when I saw a bunch of ants feasting on a half-consumed cigarette butt. I just started thinking, how the hell does an ant reach 200 feet above the ground? That's like climbing Mount Everest in "ant meters"!

Meanwhile, I can't even take the stairs up to the 11th floor even if I really needed to (like, say, if there's free tits there and the ground floor is filled with lava) . Or even if I did, I'd be sweating harder than a varsity player in a BAR exam.

Maybe if I saw cockroaches instead I'd be less surprised. Those fuckers have wings and they can probably just fly to the 21st floor. And the ants? I can't even imagine them walking around without a predefined line. What are the odds of them becoming sentient and learning how to use the goddamn elevator?

I looked again. These ants were feasting on a cigarette butt. I don't think ants are the most intelligent creatures, but I'm sure it's pretty standard knowledge in their race that cigarette butts aren't really edible.

A thought entered my head. Maybe these ants are the dumb ones; the ones that are too dumb to know cigarettes can't be eaten; the same dumb ones that don't even know that nobody expects them to be able to reach 200 feet by their own mettle.

But they do so anyway, breaking normal perceptions of ants as they roll along. Sometimes, just being ignorant of the impossible is enough to open the door towards a previously unachievable dream.

And nicotine.


FiSHCAKE said...

you know, i think you think too much.

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