Friends Don't Let Friends Share Apps

Monday, April 14, 2008

alternative title: if in case you were one of the people who've invited me to use a friendster app, fuck you sir.

First things first. Normally, I try to avoid discussing the same thing that's already been discussed on the blogs of my friends. This topic has already been discussed by Conejo, but like detracting retarded advocacies of Creationism, some things just can't be discussed enough.

The short version of this post is this:

Friendster Apps are stupid. Stop using them. If you cannot do that, stop encouraging others to follow suit.

You know, I really liked the concept of Friendster. I really do. It's like the whitepages of the modern day Filipino, and I can't begin to count the number of friends I've managed to get reconnected with through that site. But then again, internet happened. And like everything good on the net it just has to get whored out at some point. By whored out, for this case, I mean, filled with massive chunks of retardation-inducing material (profiles, apps, others)

I'm really not sure why a profile has to be filled with chunks of miniprograms (widgets, but let's not discuss that again) that shove music, video, flash, and just about anything that can be considered as the electronic equivalent of a surprise warm jizz splashing on the viewer's face.

Whatever happened to the common courtesy of giving links to the guy who you'd think might be interested in what you found interesting? Say if for example, singing cartoon monkeys is your thing, it's not mine. I DONT NEED TO SEE IT so if I want to, I'll just click a link that you give me. Simple, right?

And maybe if they're really useful, I'd appreciate it. Like cats in nature though, apps prove that a large chunk of internet data don't really have a purpose. Here's a sample of these so called "apps":

Bored, Happy, Glum? We've got an ever growing list of emoticons to show off how you feel. We keep adding them, so check back all the time =).Show off how you feel with a billion icons. It's your status message on steroids!

Last time I checked, we had the English language to convey emotions over media like webpages. Enjoy your billion icons, assholes. I'd rather have a fastloading page.

Then as if it can't get worse, now apps have become contagious. You can now share apps in pretty much the same way friends used to share venereal disease during the 70s - freespirited exchanges. Now thanks to this feature, I'm tad bit busier by adding "Delete friend app email" from my inbox as a semi-daily task. You guys are wasting my life away.

That's partial murder already.

Are you a murderer? No?

Then stop sending me App invitations.

Thank you.


Hiks said...

I can relate. It came to a point that I had to put into my shoutout that I wasn't interested in apps, but they kept on coming.

imanster said...

Thanks for writing this article. I've just finished my daily rounds of ignoring them and hurting people.

redkinoko said...

Let's make a friendster app that lets us share the hurt and pain this world is giving the darkest generation. :( :( :( frowns for everybody.


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