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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last night, my home PC crashed, trapping along with it the ideas for the next articles for this blog along with vast amounts of quality pornography Human Interest Films. So now that I have nothing else to talk about, I might as well post an update on my personals. (powertip: you can actually skip this post and not miss anything much)

The stock market is still gloomy as hell. This pic, I took just before writing this sentence. If you're not much into graphs or just numbers illiterate, red is bad. Since I'm no short-term trader (I can't devote too much time anymore since I have work) it's really hard to profit from this kind of environment. Fuck you America and fuck your unpaid homes. God bless America's subprime problem. I'm thinking of pulling out and finding some other place where I can profit until the market stabilizes first quarter next year, like floodwater levels - those never seem to go down. I just have to find a market that will buy turbid water. Stock market crash-wishers, you just might be finally getting your wetdream realized (yes I'm talking to you, Anna).

As for the standup comedy bit, after skipping out on the last comedy workshop last January, I haven't heard of anything from the scene. I wasn't able to visit Jami's TOC last time I was in HK due to lack of budget after overspending a bit on anime figurines. I'm still working on my routines ever now and then (i.e. during monday morning showers). I haven't given up.

For writing projects, I'm four chapters in on a long-term novel that's also being written as a screenplay for Fish! As for it's release, I'm still thinking if I should do a staggered release on some messageboard again or just wait for the entire thing to finish at around 40,000 words. I've completed another plot too, reserved for some future need for plots that dont involve killing the president of this country. I also have one short story in the works, I'll probably finish it next week, when I'm not feeling so turdy. Still accepting GCA works for criticisms, but not at the moment (see first sentence of post)

As for work? I'd rather not talk about it. Let's talk about something else. Like potato wedges. Potato wedges are cool, aren't they?

That's about it. Any questions?

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