Expiry Dates

Monday, April 28, 2008

I looked at a packet of chocolate I was eating one day (not pictured) and saw the expiry date. Then I realized, who was the brave soul who made sure that these dates were accurate? Is there a career description for somebody who does that job? Like, there'd probably be some sort of team inside the quality control department whose sole job is to check if the samples from last year's production batch are still edible.

Supervisor: Okay guys, the November 2007 batch is up for checking. Who's up?
Ralph: That would be Steve, sir. Supposedly.
Supervisor: Supposedly?
Ralph: He last showed up just before he tasted the June 2007 batch. We all think he's dead.
Supervisor: *scribbles notes* So we're off by a few months. Botulism's a bit early this year.
Ralph: So that means the November batch isn't good anymore right?
Supervisor: Weeeeell, we might as well check. Just for formality's sake. You're up.

Yeah. Let's face it. Not all jobs are made equal. Some people code programs, you eat stale food.
Some people get eyebags for overworking, you, on a really bad day, puke half your guts out and shit the rest.

But hey, think of all those lives you save. (or at least the shitfests you prevent)

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Anonymous said...

AFAIK, the QC department does retain samples for each batch. They make sure that each batch is exactly or close to other batches of a product.

And besides, preservatives are usually used, which prolongs the product's shelf life for a year or so.

And in the case of food poisoning, etc they can reason out if their product really was the cause, judging from their retained sample.


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