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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Okay, this is supposed to be a personal blog right? Mind if I talk about something not funny for a while (and intentionally)? It's about story writing. In case you didn't know, even long before I started writing retarded articles for this site, I've already been writing stories both short and long for years. I've always managed to keep my writing output for both article essays and prose at a steady balance, but lately this has changed.

I kinda stopped writing stories as much as before. I even have two botched up collabs pending because of my laziness. Sorry Addy, Nerva. m(-_-)m. It's like after I wrote the 70-chapter Wanted:Full-Support Priestess story, I just lost drive to write anything longer than 3,000 words.

I do have story ideas, whole plots, detailed to the scene but I just havent found the drive to jot them down into something that wont leave the people I talk to with light cases of brain mashing. Call it a writer's block. Nothing good gets out. Even the last story I churned out three weeks ago reeked of forced narration.

But I've decided enough is enough. I will be making changes in my routine and ensure I can do better to fix this problem.

1. I'm consulting too many people. Back then I only talked to Riina on a regular basis about my story. These days it's like I'm trying too hard to get people's ideas. This is my story now, I appreciate your input but for now I have to do this myself.

2. I will be reading books again. Fictional books. My vocabulary well is almost going dry. I gotta do something about it before I.. uh... what's that word again? Nevermind.

3. I'll start writing. No more fuckbull procrastination. Well, right after I post this entry. Yeah, serious this time. No more fucking around - after this entry. Promise.

4. I'll stop berating my own work. I can't remember when I got this habit. It's a new habit so I can still do something about it. My work ain't perfect but fuck it. I like them as they are. Fuck you if you disagree (but I'll listen to your comments anyway)

The 1010: The Library Of Hearts will push through. I've decided to post updates in Ragnaboards like before. It's easier to get opinion there.

Oh and just so I don't forget what I write here about next, school haircut inspections. Yeah, those. We all have those.

And yes, for the last time, I haven't forgotten about the top #1 sucky cosplay stereotype entry too.

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