A Piece Of The Sky

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Earlier I saw a kid standing with a bottle smeared with rugby in hand. What's in your hand I asked. It's a piece of the sky he replied. I do not think that's a piece of the sky, said I. The sky's up there and it cannot be taken out. The boy tried to reach for the sky, but in vain. Do you have happiness in your heart then, he asked me. I smiled and said I did. Nobody ever says they are happy the moment they are happy, the boy said while shaking the bottle. People will say they were happy but not during the time they were supposed to be happy. And why is that, I asked. Because happiness is a memory of the past and it cannot be taken out. What you have inside your heart is no more than what I have in my hand. If yours is happiness, then mine is the sky. I cried after hearing that, and spent the rest of the day sniffing rugby with the kid. And the kid turned out to be a leprechaun. His name is Pip, and he has with him a piece of the sky.

Some days.

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