Hideo Kojima's Stolen Ideas

Monday, August 06, 2007

So I heard the new Metal Gear's going to be a lot more mature than its predecessors (as if they're not mature enough). One of the rumoured changes in the game would be the replacement of the traditional "box of stealth", usually a comical looking carton, with barrels. That's right, barrels, as seen in this video.

Well I think that's not exactly an original idea, and Kojima should at least cite sources when pulling stuff like that from other existing ideas. I think he got the idea from the Philippines. Why, you ask?

It's Snake in a barrel. Barrel goes off, snake comes out. Surprise! Now where have we heard of that before? Oh yeah. This guy here:
I wonder if there's room in FOXHOUND for a wooden man with a huge slugger? Sure beats Raiden's character any day.

p.s. special thanks to Magician in Jeans for the idea.

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