Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dinoriders wasn't much of a show, but as a kid it had me wanting to ride a 40foot giant lizard with lots of metal piercings on him. It also made me wonder why nobody in the side of the good guys ever bothers to just break the goddamn glass on the frog-boss's helmet. It's just glass guys, a hammer could do the job better than a two-ton predecessor of the modern carabao.

Still, guns + domesticated animals the size of Oprah on a bad day = awesome.


Anonymous said...

Actually it did happen once that questar and krulos was in a scuffle and the glass bubble did break. But of course being the heoric wuss that questar was, he had to save krulos. One would think though that an advanced society capable of intergalactic travel could have designed a glass dome that was reinforced or bullet proof. Hehe. Anyway, had it been John McClane leading the dinoriders, he would have stormed the rulons, and he'd never had to use a single dinosaur.

redkinoko said...

Knowing John, he wouldve crashed a diplodocus into the tyrannosaur JUST to get near enough krulos to break the domed glass.

Anonymous said...

Nah, John McClane would've brought down the T-Rex with his service pistol. A T-Rex is made of flesh. Also, McClane gets wounded only when it is part of his plan to get wounded.


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