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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

- El Nido means "the nest". This is a very little known fact, even among its residents. It is named after the famous edible nests that are built by birds native to the place on the place's high cliffs. If in case you go there, do keep in mind that not all nests are edible as some may deceptively look like bird's nests but are instead common bat shit.

- And no, El Nido was not named after the milk powder. If you want to really know the relationship, Nestle, makers of Nido uses the logo of a nest. Nido means nest. So there.

- Learn to appreciate the small things. If the fish that you see while snorkeling are small, live with it. Remember that when those colourful coral fish are large enough for your tastes, they're also large enough for sharks. And so are you.

- Two facts: Dolphins outside amusement parks do exist and dolphins do exist here in the Philippines. Not all dolphins respond to the call "Hey Flipper!", contraryu to what that motherfucker Elijah Wood showed us in the mid 90s.

- Palawan is actually a big place. The capital Puerto Princesa is actually six hours away from El Nido through one of the most insane roads to travel around this time of the year. When wet, huge sections of the road turn into soft clay that are less like roads and more like batter for your shrimp tempura. Fog often reduces visibility to zero and the sudden changes of road angles sends your vehicle flying and crashing into the dirt/mud every now and then. If you are planning on going to El Nido to relax, take the goddamn plane. Seriously.

- El Nido is still on of the most beautiful places on earth. Every man able should at least visit the place once in his life. But you know what's also beautiful? Jessica Alba naked. For this case, I'm the only person deserving of the privelage of seeing her in that state.

- When somebody comes home from the beach, it is not necessary to mention "umitim ka". First of all, nobody ever goes to a beach and ends up whiter than before unless they kind of drowned or died by some other means. Next, you'd think the guy who owns the aforementioned skin already knows by now the tanned condition. No shit, sherlock.

- I'm tried. Bukas na lang ulit.

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