Theme of Prontera - Lyrics and Translation (work in progress)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Okay, nothing funny about this entry, I'm just posting for reference. Here's the lyrics of the main theme for the on-vocal version of Theme of Prontera from the album The Memory of Ragnarok. The lyrics took me ages to find (and no, it took me more than just googling for it). Translation notes: Blue is the rough translation. Green is the WIP english syllabicated lyrics.

겨울에 닫혔던 창문을 열고
물색 하늘 만큼 날 사랑한다 했어
그 때로 돌아가고 싶지만
너무 늦어 버린걸까

Open up, all those windows closed for the winter
and look up to the sunny skies above you
Reminisce, take a deep breath and then recall
but it's all too late, all too soon

She opens the window that's closed during winter
and she looks up to the skies she loves
she thinks of going back at times but
too much will be lost for it is too late

새처럼 멀리 날아간 날부터
세상은 내게 텅 빈 보석상자 같아
이제는 다시 볼 수 없지만
자꾸만 열어 보곤 하지

Like a bird, you have flown a-ll too far now
would you watch how the world has vanished beneath you?
and perhaps, I'd never see you again
until then, at the edge of the solstice

like a bird of the sun, she flies far
the world disappears and the stars soon sleep
and you'd think you'd never see her again
but she shows up again come the solstice of summer

언젠가 처음 니 입술을 느꼈던
어느 작은 숲 속에 누워
울다가 잠이 들면은 널 만날 수 있을까

Just like wine, your warmth getting in my lips
and you seep deep inside me woo-hoo
in my sleep, we may yet meet with tears
girl who lies within my dreams

She feels like wine as she touches your mouth
and she settles deep inside
crying in your sleep, you might meet
for she lies within your dreams

꿈속에서 숨쉬는 그대
잠에서 깨어 네 품에 안긴채 입맞춤 하네
눈을 떠도 보이는 모습
그리워도 이제는 너를 잊기로 했네

following but my own ebb and flow, i can never know,
of how you're always with me (and never at all)
and how my eyes have always longed, seeing but dreams
And maybe, after this, I'd forget

from what lies in you, she adjusts
and she makes herself shown
how the eyes long to see her and probably in dreaming they will see clearly
and maybe then you will forget

Last part is pretty much the same except the last line changes to :

그리워도 이제는 너를 느낄 수 있네
Still maybe, after this, I'd remember
and maybe then you will remember.


There you have it. Don't bug me about the translations being sucky or the song not making any sense. Any song that compares women to beer in the belly should never be taken seriously. Anyhoo, that's all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation :3

Anonymous said...

ur a genius, thanks! I love this song...

ROAddict said...

I have written an English lyrics way back when I was playing RO... the idea of this original song was almost the same as mine.... My song was about a gamer who had a long lost friend in-game and they met again.... and they promised never to let go....

Anonymous said...

the Korean lyrics and the written out English lyrics does not seem to be an exact translation but a customized one.

Ernest said...

how about theme of payon?

Anonymous said...

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