Teenage Car

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back in college we used to have this term called "teenage car". A teenage car is basically the most default thing that we can see on the road. Are you driving one? Check this list to find out.

- The car is usually a Civic, a Corolla, or a Lancer.

- Either the car is lowered or there are side curtains. It's slow as fuck when passing by humps because they have to pass by it sideways and at the speed of crawling grass.

- Your windows are heavily tinted. (keeps the ugly in)

- Windows are always rolled down. Don't be surprised of these guys smell like lechon manok roasted by the roadside when they arrive wherever they are going.

- Loud RnB music playing with bass cranked up enough to render passengers sterile. (loud music + bad taste = spermicide)

- Driver is a teenager of course, usually semi-cal. Passengers are often his teenager friends hitching. To know if they're friends, watch how their heads bob up and down with the music - if that's the case, they're the real deal.

- Driver's elbow is sticking out, often with a lighted cigarette hanging outside.

- Sticker on the windshield. Plus points if it's written in Chinese/Japanese.

- The car is usually dad's old car, and there are probably funny stainmarks on the backseat's covers.

- There's "Mugen" sticker somewhere on the car. Plus points if there's a "peeing boy" sticker near the gas tank. (probably put there by the previous owner, the dad)

- The interior smell like pork (I don't know why. They just do.)

If you find yourself saying "hmm, wow, this looks like what I'm driving," you're probably driving a "teenage car". Repercussions? Nothing really.

Enjoy your mediocrity, moron.

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