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Friday, July 20, 2007

When you get to invent a machine that speeds up time, I bet using it for a prank is a joke that gets old really fast.

And perhaps she didn't know it at that time, as it was the last thing one would use to explain things, but when it came down to the rational laws, it would break down around her, except in how she saw things. In her eyes she was a speck, observing the world. Little did she know, she had already become the center of the universe.

Love - an excuse for the absence of reason.

Sometimes, all a flower needs for it to bloom is somebody who can tell how beautiful its blossom would be. That and shit.

It takes a big man to tell the truth, and a bigger man to make sure he does.

If you think you can read a person already, it's also possible that he's just a writer who likes to use his face for his latest story draft.

During days that you think your talent is too underutilized for your job, think of it this way: you're not THAT talented.

The first one always takes the largest share in many things, whether it's in love, in life, but probably not in mousetrap cheese.

Hope to enchant, aim to inspire.

If you tell me nobody ever dies of cold feet, you can go tell that ot the captain of the Titanic.

If God wanted us to work on Sundays, we'd have 9 commandments. (Or eight, if you strike out "thou shall not kill")

Work on a saturday is like sex during your girlfriend's period. It's possible, but not exactly recommended.

You're already the rarest of flowers. You just need to meet somebody who can make you realize that.

That guy's so smart/dumb, I asked him to step on the gas and he replied "the cohesive density can't hold my weight."

One problem of putting yourself down is that by doing so, you put down everybody who looks up to you.

One good thing about being a doormat is that you got dirt on everybody.

Youre pretending you still dont know because you think I dont know that you already know and for that same reason I pretend that I dont know, but in the end we all know already and pretend to not know. Dandy.

One real bad thing about writing your own stories is that you cant really fully appreciate the piece until youve forgotten completely about them. That given, it actually takes me years before I get to laugh at my own jokes.

When you ask God for warmth and he sends you rain, maybe that's just his way of saying you're too retarded and you might burn your own house down.

Sincerity is what a man can offer to a girl who already has everything.

It would kick ass to have "Goodman" for a surname. In my funeral they'd say "He was a Goodman." unconditionally.

There are only two ways to be continously happy in this world. That's to find joy in either the happiness or misery of others.

She had everything - grace, elegance, wit, wisdom, charm. She was at a state of near perfection with but one fault: she was the wind - nigh uncatchable, never settling down, forever a passing beaut and never to take root in the mortal realm.

You know youre in love when thoughts of intentions replace thoughts of consequences.

Again, all quotes in this post are my own words. They're not to be taken seriously, but if ever you find something useful for your own purpose, don't forget to mention my name or at the very least this site. It's not a quote if you don't mention who said it, right? Don't be stupid.

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Menaya Garces said...

She has my prayers, Jet, and my love.


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