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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Now I don't know how much has to happen before I can say my day is weird but I think it's pretty say to say that when a guy in a motorcycle wearing face makeup, baggy clothes, a full wig, and clownshoes (i.e. in a full clownsuit!) overtakes you in traffic, that already constitutes as a clear crossing of the proverbial "weird day" line. How the hell does he even go about riding in a motorbike with shoes that big? They're like extra sidemirrors attached his feet or something.

One theory I have as to why he dressed up before riding the bike to wherever he's going and not just put on his costume when he gets there is that he's doing it to exempt himself from the law. See, he wasn't wearing a helmet. Riding without a helmet is a punishable thing in this country (and in many other countries where road accidents that cause brains to be scattered on the pavement are frowned upon)

Let's say a policeman gets over the initial shock of seeing Boyoyong speeding along without a helmet. He pulls him over. He can then ask why the clown isn't wearing any helmet. At this point Boyoyong can give the following reason:

I get shot out of cannonballs, rammed by bulls (if he happens to be spanish), smashed with steel chairs (if he happens to be named Doink), get more pies in the face than any other professional and you're asking why I'm not wearing a helmet?!

The cop can either buy the joke or give him a ticket. If he does think of giving him a ticket, he'll be forced to report back to the precinct about it. Giving a clown a ticket - for riding a bike without a helmet. He'll probably be the laughing stock of the yard after that. Chances are, he'll decline and just hit the clown in the nads for spite.

Eitherway, the clown goes free.

I'm not sure if that's the most brilliant or the most insane thing I've ever seen on the road. One thing I can safely say though, sans the attributed danger of doing that sort of thing, FUCKING AWESOME.

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Cyberpunk said...


maybe there's some sort of clown emergency somewhere...


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