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Friday, July 13, 2007

Okay, so here's how it works. I got a random picture off the net and asked myself and several people to write dialogue that would make the picture uhh... LOL-worthy. Here's a list of what I was able to gather this morning:

Angel: "I guess they didn't mention about the thorns in the book of Genesis huh?"

Angel: "So you saw redkinoko naked, why are you OVERREACTING?"

Angel: "Didn't I warn you not to watch Equilibrium?"
Girl: "So that's what hell is like!"

Angel: "Just kidding. It's a gun, just my finger. Gotcha."


Angel: "You know, it wouldn't be as painful if you wore Adidas(tm)." (by Kat)

Girl: "Pagkabilang ng tatlo nakatago na kayo. Isa... dalawa... " (by Kat)

Angel: "Wanna hear a spoiler? Harry Potter dies." (by Marco)

Angel: "Johnny Walker: Keep Walking." (by Marco)

Angel: "I'm here to help you-"
Girl: "Oh God, the happy! The happy! It BURNS!" (by Addy)

Angel: "Hey baby, miss me?"
Girl: "When will you get that it was just a ONE-NIGHT STAND?"
(by Addy)

Angel: "What troubles you?"
Girl: "I'm pregnant with your child."
Angel: "You do realize I have no genitals?"
Girl: "Why do you think I'm so freaked out?"
(by Addy)

Angel: "Global warming will get you! (lol)"

Angel: "That oughta cure you. It worked on Tobit's dad..."

Angel: "That's okay, maybe Bumblebee will turn into a Volkswagen in the sequel..."

And of course my personal favorite (NSFW):

"Bukkake bullseye, LOL."


Thanks to everybody who contributed (well, more like got extorted for answers but thanks anyway). If you got better ideas, post them in the comments. I'm sure we'd all want to hear about it. More random picture/comments next Friday (if I remember ever writing this).

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