Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There were once two prankster students who decided that there was only space for one in their classroom. One of them, thinking it best to intimidate by striking first, got hold of the other student's pencil case and filled its insides with glue. Because of this, the other student was no longer able to use his pens because they were buried inside half an inch thick layer of Elmer's glue. The student who poured in the glue expected retribution, but he didn't really expect anything bigger.

The following morning, he found one of his textbooks that was left in class nailed to his desk with three nails piercing from halfway through the book down to the wood surface. Writings of the other student filled the pierced pages. As the textbooks were routinely submitted to the teacher for inspection, he was infuriated. The other student had gone to a new low - so he decided to get revenge.

One lunchbreak, he snuck into the classroom, took a similar textbook from the other student's bag, and outrightly tore every page in the book. He then left the tattered remains on the desk of his enemy.

After lunchbreak, the student waited for the other prankster to come in and find his book in shambles. And he did. Upon finding the book however, the other student just smiled and looked at the culprit. "Wow man, you sure overdid it this time," he replied. "Did I? I thought it was only fair."

"I guess so," replied the the other student as he shook his head. "But I think I won this round."

The prankster who tore the book became puzzled. "And why is that? You have no book anymore and we're required to submit it before the day ends."

"Actually I still do."

"O?" asked the prankster, feeling another trick coming, "and where is your book?"

"Nailed to your desk. I nailed my own book and put yours inside my bag."

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