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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I just got word that there's a chance RB will get wiped yet again. To avoid hassle, I've backed up my old (mostly unfinished) stories in alternative hosting locations. As a bit of service, I'm even putting a short descriptive about the backed up stories. (note: the only stories posted here are the ones that are in the ragnaboards, other stories can still be found in my fanfiction.net account)

Coversations Between A Novice and A GM (Season 1
) A non-graphic webcomic about a Game Master and a newbie talking about things to pass time after getting accidentally trapped inside an interrogation room. (complete)

Conversations Between A Novice and A GM (Jungle Sessions) The 2nd season follows the exploits of the 2 characters as they end up in yet another situation that forces them to stick together. (complete)

EVE of Ragnarok A fictional documentary account of the development, deployment and death of a sentient program living inside game servers. (semi complete, ending no longer in format)

The God Protocol
A story about two creators from rival families competing to create a "God" being. Co-written with Karasawa Rui (Incomplete)

Laro Ng Pagibig A story about a guy and his harem. Written in Filipino. Just for the heck of it. (Incomplete)

Wanted: Full Support Priestess The story of an RO character who accidentally ended up living in the real world. (Series complete.)

Don't ask if I'm still continuing all those unfinished items. I'm not sure either.

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