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Monday, October 27, 2008

You just know that your car is in bad need of car cleaning when you enter the parkinglot of an SM mall and find every single carwash boy there looking at your car with a certain degree of covetousness one might also associate with sharks encircling a wounded swimmer. You can almost hear their thoughts going "I WANT to WASH that CAR." It's like they can "sense" your car from three floors down, and will trail you like prey.

By the time you're parking, you'd have been encircled by the carwash boys, all helping you park, it's almost like you have your personal varsity Parking cheering team. "Sige pa! Sige pa! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Atras!" Parking has never felt so competitive, I swear.

I admit though, I'm a very lazy car owner. I normally don't wash my car until it's literally begging to be washed. Like sometimes, I just see finger doodles on the window that say HUGASAN MO AKO. Who writes those things anyway? I never see people writing with their fingers but they appear like magic. If I were to take a guess, it'd be the Car Hygiene Ninjas. Why do they do it you say? Because they're ninjas and they can.

It gets worse though, sometimes the dirt becomes so thick, whoever writes those things, has to use a hammer and chisel to write the message out.

And I don't know about you, but everytime I go out and drive my car to the carwash, nature conspires to make sure that before I get home, I will pass by at least one place where it's raining really hard, thereby invalidating the purpose of my trip. I guess that's her way of saying "Your car may be clean, but youz still my bitch!"

Speaking of rain, you just cant have that without the window-cleaning boys in the streets. Talk about bad business models. Who would want their windows cleaned when nature is already doing that job for free?

Maybe I should start doing seminars on how those boys should save the rainwater they have and use them when it's actually no longer raining, like you know, those three times a year when we're not being soaked.

But that's for another article.

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