Burger King Strikes Back

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not to be outdone by the hijinks of Jollibee and McDonald's in Shenzhen, China, the ever creative motherfuckers marketing people of Burger King here in our own country is showing why Burger King is called King - under-the-table treachery with flair for the diabolical only a real king can pull off.

This picture was taken earlier at Burger King, Robinson's Manila.

And yes, that IS Ronald McDonald, that peeping tom.


Jherskie said...

you seem to have not noticed that the Wendy's mascot is peeping, too.

FiSHCAKE! said...

Also, that guy from your favorite band, cueshe.

Everyone's Uke said...

Pfft, they've been doing that in the US for years now. I'm surprised it took this long to do something like that.

riina said...

cept this isn't in the states, and it's not common practice for the more reserved lot of us to do something like this. americans are rude by nature so something like this is expected.


The dick move is accepted in most modern countries.

Samara said...

Haha. its a cool teaser. i guess. i wonder why jollibee isn't peeping? XD


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