It's Just A Ringtone, Don't Fuck It Up.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'd like to think that the late 2000's is the time in our brief history as humans that ushered in the age of personalization. While people still follow trends like the stupid sheep mass media has raised them to be, they now like to feel they're not by having everything customized - from their Friendster Profiles, to their internet messenger fonts, to that combo meal you order at your fast food.

I'd say it's an improvement, really.

bruger kinghave it your way

With the introductions of choices, however, there will always be a huge chance somebody will screw up with the choices that they make. (For examples, see voting;not using brains while)

But that's not what this post is about. I want to raise a huge shoutout of stupid to the guys who manage to fuck up what seems to already be a common sense thing.


Looking back, once upon a time, all phones were equal in terms of ringing. There was only the sound of the ringing - the bell ringer kind. Since you can't really customize that, you can't fuck it up.

Nowadays, it's different. Everybody has a phone with a different tone. Ring tones are as varied as the STDs you can find in Luneta at night, and most of them are just as vile.

But hey, it's freedom of expression, I dig. As long as you don't cycle through your tones while trapped in a closed environment with me around, I might not have to resort to axe murder.

If I hear that fucking Flo-Rida one more time...

Most people mess up to an annoying level. Then there are those who are just plain retarded.

Now let me ask this question. Who in his right track set of mind would think that having the sound of a siren blaring at full volume would be a good idea? WHO!?

It's not edgy. It's not cool. Sirens are reserved sounds for emergencies. Some dumb half-educated bitch texting you "GUD AM" doesn't qualify as an emergency. People who are on the road will react to the sound that's coming from your cellphone very seriously. If you're riding a jeep, you are endangering both yourself and the entire jeep. While I'm not really against socially-retarded people getting killed by their own merit, I don't like the idea of dying with anybody like that.

Ever thought of why people don't like yelling "bomb!" inside an airport? It's because false emergencies are frowned upon in any state or country (specially if they can understand the word magnanakaw), and in a lot of places, it's enough to earn you an anal probe just for spite.

There are a billion unique sounds being played in this world at this very moment. Of those things, only a handful are forbidden for use as ringtones. There are better ringtones out there, ones that won't let you fuck up the set civilized standards of our society. It's amazing how mouthbreathers still mess this decision making up.

If' youre going to make yourself unique, at the very least, try to avoid being uniquely retarded.


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