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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

After one year and eight months, I've changed the layout on my blog again. I've decided to return to a motif using black background for two reasons. One is that my 9-year old monitor at home is starting to have trouble balancing out the brightness for white screens and I can't accept the idea that my ever-so-white blog will be the monitor's reason for a faster retirement. Second reason is, well, my last layout had a white background.

Actually, the main reason I'm changing my layout is to enable post summaries. I noticed that whenever I get really studious and post an article with a word count twice the size of Juan Unlimitxt's vocabulary, the front page ends up loading slower than usual.

Given that most of my vistors here are ADHD adrenaline junkies, we just can't have that.

I've also enabled tags, which I'll be fixing when I get the time. Sifting through 500 or so, cranial hemorrhage-inducing posts is no easy task so I'll do it when I don't need my brain for other things (like screening out bad music).

As for the links to the usual gang of idiots Blog friends, I'll be putting them back up online as soon as I review which blogs are still active and which are virtual corpses. (you may not know it, but I don't really like to associate with dead things)

Anyhoo, if you see any layout problems, feel free to drop a message. The show will go on, and FiSHCake! will still make random nonsense comments about how Mariah Carey shaves her armpits, among other things.

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