Dangerous Food Products From China

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Okay, so I finally got my hands on a memory card reader months after my younger sister decided that the best wedding gift that she could give my older sister is the frigging memory card reader we share around the house. (What a sister no? We could've let go of the old oventoaster instead. Nobody will miss that).

I've now started to unload a bulk of the shitty quality pictures Ive taken with my Nokia 6680 during my trips around Metro Manila, ShenZhen China, Hong Kong, and Macau. This is so that I can start filling up my phone again with more shitty quality pictures. And just so I don't feel that I've wasted my time taking those pictures, shitty or not, I've decided to share them to the readers of this site.

We've had our Melamine scare. We've learned that dangerous milk products are coming out of China. But you know what other food they have there that's dangerous? Fucking everything. Case in point? McDonald's China. McDonald's in the Philippines is pretty harmless. Sure, eating there will eventually kill you, but dying from the clogging cholesterol with all that recycled oil from the frying pan vat takes time. In China?

Fuck that.

How about some McKickYourAssSevenWaysFromBeijing ? Just one look at Ronald McDonald and you know he means business. Every meal in MickyD's China is a happy meal, and there's no toy - just be happy you're walking away with your life .


Ronald McDonald here is so badass, his face can't even be contained in just one cup. Not convinced? Take a look at this picture closer. Where else in the world will you find a CAUTION: HOT warning on a softdrink cup? (clue: only where combo meal means the more painful kind of combo)

And maybe you'd think, hey, this is just McDonald's. Surely there might be some other resto there that's more peaceful. You know what's peaceful here? Jollibee. He's just a bee.

Not in China though. See that smile? That ain't no ChickenJoy. That's a "ImmaEnjoyKickingYourAssWithMyTaiChiKungFuSkills" kind of smile from Jollibee. When Jollibee says it's competition from McDonald's, they fucking mean it - and you better believe it let's you want to be Champ's jailbitch.

You might think, doesn't Ronald McDonald look a bit like Bruce Lee? Think out of the box. Don't you think Bruce Lee looks a bit like Ronald McDonald? Fuck yes he does, son. Try growing up eating in a fast food with a bad ass mascot and you'd want to grow up like him too.

Melamine? That's for babies. This is the real danger food you should be watching for.


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Zaphiel will invade you said...

Sana si Bruce Lee nalang rin yung Ronald McDonald natin.. Hahahahaha!!


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