Video of President Arroyo's Outburst

Friday, August 22, 2008

The tape basically contains a 10 minute view into President Arroyo's outburst after arriving at a taping to find out the cameras weren't ready yet. From what I've heard, she was supposed to deliver her statement regarding the fighting in Lanao Del Norte.

More than seeing our dear leader pissed, I find it more interesting to find just how many people can be found in this video standing around and doing nothing. Maybe one or two of these guys are security detail, but looking at the faces of some of these guys, they're too old to be doing security. It took three men to replace the goddamn logo behind the desk for fuck's sake. Everytime a question is thrown, like how long will the setup take, the question bounces off at least four people before somebody gets an estimate.

Worst bit? We're paying for these assholes who wouldn't last a month working for a privately owned studio. That's right. We're using up taxes from the salaries that we earned by acting professionally to hire morons who wouldn't know rapid deployment from lose bowel movement.

Typical government.

Where is Indian superman when we need him?

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