Recah Trinidad

Friday, August 15, 2008

I've always been critical at the approach Philippine Daily Inquirer took in reporting news. I don't like the idea that most writers doing the online news are only focused on bagging the higher Google ranking by reporting as fast as they can, no matter how wrong the news gets. I don't like their sensationalist style of reporting. And I don't like the idea that journalism and blogging are sleeping in the same bed. Shit sucks, but hey, that's their style.

And then came Recah Trinidad.

Yesterday afternoon I was browsing through the inquirer articles about the Olympics in the website, trying to look for the results of olympian TaƱamor when I saw this article:

Team Philippines: Who’s the biggest flop of all?

I think my mind broke down several times trying to digest the article. If you read some of my more rant-ridden articles on this site, you will notice that I don't have a lot of respect for other people's beliefs either but Christ, this guy just sucks at what he's doing.

I remember Anna saying when I talked to her about this, that sometimes for you to stand out, you have to sensationalize your work, even to the point of controversy. I agree on that, but Recah Trinidad went past the realm of controversy and made a mabuhay-miles roundtrip to the realm of retardation. If you can even comprehend what's written on the page, you'd have a strong suspicion the writer is either drunk, high, or mentally defective.

Okay, the premise of the article is criticizing how pitiful our Olympians are in the world arena. Got it. From my experience in this site, banking on a premise that's naturally LOL material is already jackshit easy to do. Insult comedy is the easiest comedy; ask any gay comedian in a comedy club. But the thing is, even with a good premise, Ricah still manages to fail at being funny (or at least visciously witty) in the article, and wholly misses the point of his own writing style.

That's the thing about insult comedy. If you're going for insulting people to get laughter, you absolutely have to make people laugh and make the pain worth the gain, or else you will be the next sacrifice. In more religious terms, if you're going for human sacrifice, there better be pussy raining from the heavens afterwards. For Trinidad's pitiful case, it's raining stupid, by the bucket, and nobody's finding it amusing.

I'm sure his style of journalism will earn him at least some following, even if it's just a group of people trailing his ass for the opportunity to kill him and stop his genes from being passed on the the next generation. What I don't understand is why a publication like the Philippine Daily Inquirer allows a bad apple like this guy mix in with the other, generally more respectable journalists. Suffice to say the quality of journalism since the breaking of the cyberspace age has gone dramatically down and people like Mr. Trinidad are the cancer that's speeding up the process of killing intellectual thought online.

At some point in the future this page will get indexed and will be one of the front page results when googling and Recah might be able to read this. That'd be nice.

Recah Trinidad, your writing style and attitude has serious problems. Find a new way of attracting attention, or find another career. I heard the construction industry is currently expanding their manpower pool. Nobody will complain there if you can't be funny while manually mixing cement.


mightykid said...

Do they even proof-read his work?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

GAHHHH. yer one hell of a king. I srsly agree with you. will definitely share this post. Kudos to you sir.


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