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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I just need to get this out. A lap pool called a lap pool because some people need to do laps. Not everybody in the swimming pool park is in there to soak up and engage in contests about who can hold their breath the longest.

So anyway, last night, I finally got to swim again in the Chai Wan water park. There were a lot of people, presumable for three reasons.

1. It's still summer and there are no classes in school.
2. The entrance is free because of the Beijing Olympics.
3. I'm going to be there.

In order to avoid the much more crowded and generally more unsavory "anything goes" pool which was partially populated by children who still fancy urinating without getting out of the water, I just had to go to the lap pool. The lap pool in this place is something akin to the expressway. People follow the lanes and swim from end to end without stopping for rest every two minutes. On more crowded days, you can find yourself swimming behind somebody and have another person swimming behind you on one lane. Yeah, pressure. It's tough to swim in this type of pool, but hey, getting tired beats swallowing urine-water any day. Being of standard olympic depth, there are fewer kids in this pool.

On my third lap last night, I was doing a brisk breaststroke run when I felt my feet land on something solid after I frog kicked. Since I was in the middle of the pool and not on one end, it could not possibly have been the wall. I looked behind and saw a kid thrashing in the water, presumably in pain, either that or he likes to dance the wiggler underwater.

As it turns out, the kid in his teens had crossed the pool sideways just after I had passed him, causing him to end up where my legs are supposed to kick to give me the thrust. I can't really confirm if he broke a rib but he looked like far from dying. The kid left the pool promptly and I continued my run. Okay, he didn't leave the pool. His hauled him out. Was it really my fault?

You know, people don't cross EDSA haphazardly for a reason. IF you jump into a steady stream of fast-moving people who are utilizing every major muscle in their body while swimming you CAN get seriously injured.

Sometimes I think the reason why some people float easier is that they have bubbles of air where their brains should be.

In other news, left shoulder still feels numb.

That is all.

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