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Friday, August 01, 2008

(normally I don't like to put content by other people online, but since this blog post is no longer available elswhere online, and it was written long before the internet, or the ballpoint pen was invented, I might as well post it here. And yes, this post is colored brown, because back then lots of things were colored brown too)

El Publico Statico by - Champiñón De Color De Rojo

August 1, 1898

Did you see the news on TV the other night? Probably not, since we won't be having TV in this country for another 40 years. Anyway yeah, I heard America's planning to have a war with Spain? Can you fucking believe that? I'm like, "Do they know most of their best wrestlers and pop singers come from Spain's colony?" This war can't last long, not after they start running out of really spicy burritos.

There's also rumors of Rizal finally being jailed for his writings. Pfft. Bloggers. I never really liked crack pairing fanfics anyway. I heard that a bunch of his other friends tried to stage a rally and shit at the mendiola bridge. I think most of them drowned after trying to cross the bridge without realizing there's no mendiola bridge yet. 100 years into the future, will Ateneo still produce lots of arrogant asstards? They should create a school for them to bicker with every sports season and color it green, because blue is so 1880s.

Back in Cavite, looks like people have started declaring independence. T
he flag design's pretty okay, I guess, but if it were up to me, I'd put a fucking lion somewhere there, not because there are lions in the Philippines but because I just want to make the lives of students who're tasked to make a Philippine flag miserable. (take that, my future descendants!) I must admit though, it looks even better as body paint. I'd biak her bato, if you know what I mean.

Fuck yeah, independence
Speaking of independence, I wonder if in the future our country will be independent enough to make its own shows? All these Spanishnovelas are boring the hell out of me. And it's not like having a bunch of guys stand at the back of the teatro and do voice overs is making things any better.

The price of hay has risen up again. The kalesa drivers are like, staging transport strike already. Talk about going back to the stone ages huh? There's talk about a water-powered Kalesa, and the inventor is saying he's just not getting funding from the Ayuntamiento. What an idiot. All Ka
lesas are powered with water. The so called Khaos TurboKabayo is in the market too, but if you ask me, it's just a sharper whip, and it'll just injure the horse in the long run. Well, I just hope gasoline technology will finally become mainstream, so we can start getting free Ferarri models in the gas station.

Anyway that's about it. Writing's a bitch when you're using feathers and ink. You can't even spellcheck on this shit. But I'm not complaining, it could be worse. I could be using an Apple (read: mansanas).

Oh and yeah, I have this pic too:

me and my homies, chilling in front of El Greenbelto Tres.
Wish we had more girls, shit would've been so cash.

El Calzador Champiñón

ngs to do:
- Find a fucking pen that actually has ink inside.
- Look for an in
ternet shop. I heard there's one at the next barrio.

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