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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'll just leave this here...

Points to ponder (Gabay sa Pagaaral):

- More than 10 years before DC and Marvel superheroes clashed in DC vs Marvel, we find here Superman trying to sex up Spiderman, dancing with him in the air in what would only appear to look like a Kryptonian mating ritual. Strangely enough, Spiderman looks like a woman, but I don't think such trivial matter should be given more attention, because Superman is gay.

- Apparently even superhero positions can be outsourced to Indians. Next thing you know, gangster rap videos will be staring Punjab too.

- Even Superhero Films doesn't escape the bollywood treatment. Superman just has to SING (or supersing for that matter) and DANCE. And by counting the number of backup dancers he has, this has got to be the most sociable superman in film history.

- When it comes to the "most" records, this superman also has the biggest "S" symbol. Whether or not he's compensating I'd rather not know.

- This film is actually very very controversial. Kissing in public, and specially on film is an Indian taboo and this clip is one of the few instances you see indian people kissing on scene. Maybe all that dancing is their way of sublimating emotions? Take that interpretive dancers!

- Looking at how Superman looks here, I'm not really surprised why Travola never got the role as the superman in any of his films.

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rei said...

jaw-droppin' dance number @_@


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