Bright Headlamps aren't.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here's a theorem for all you sad motorfags:

Bright lights are only used by drivers who aren't.

Let me begin with the fact that I never really understood people wanting to "customize" their cars beyond practical function. Rear spoilers were meant to improve tire grip, but I don't think they work with cars that spend 80% of their time on the road in bumper to bumper traffic. Those overlarge mufflers, too, have long since been proven to be ineffective in making your car perform better, or compensate small penises for that matter. I'm also against the trend of putting ornamental drivers behind the wheel, specially when they have the thinking capability of a week-old potato salad.

For quite some time now, there's this trend where people change the bulbs of their headlights into something helluva bright like xenon and halogen and then use them at night high-fucking-beam. Reasons for doing so range from the seemingly practical "so I see shit better" to the more mundane "because it makes me look cooler".

You know, those engineers over at the safety section of the car company that made your car didn't choose the current light bulb settings in your car for the heck of it. Maybe, we should consider for a moment that, like, maybe these guys actually spent hundreds of hours trying to balance out your ability to see better at night and the ability of cars ahead of you to not develop eye tumors by seeing your headlamps from 5 kilometers away.

I know I don't have the best eyes at night, and yes, on particularly rainy evenings, I have to turn on my optional halogens. What I can't really get are the assholes who use them even when they're cruising on a full-moon night on a highway with perfectly good road lighting. Is it for safety?

Consider how safe it is to walk in a sidewalk where there are blind cyclists. Now imagine the cyclists weighing around a ton and moving about at around 100 km per hour, because that's what bright lights do to a driver seeing them on the wrong end - they fucking blind him. And unless cruise sonar gets invented for cars, or we evolve echolocation using our cackles, blind drivers are about 100x more dangerous than second hand smoke when applied directly to your chest.

And it's not like our local traffic bureau is helping. Shit, they can't even implement catching vanity plate users. (Yes, moron, it's illegal to not display your standard license even if you have a vanity plate available). A few years ago they banned "stainless" owner-type jeeps from the road because they blind people at night. I get the feeling that the reason they thought it was the jeep that's causing the blindness was that there's some dipstick with halogens behind the jeep reflecting all that light on the shiny surface. Talk about missing the root of the problem huh?

Yes I am well aware that we do have drivers that can't see well in the dark enough to drive properly. You'd think for this case, they're allowed to use bright lights. WRONG. If you have a driver's license, you should check the back part where they specify special conditions. I.e. if your license has these, you will not be allowed to drive under certain circumstances. And for the circumstance that you can't drive at night when it's dark, there's condition C.

Daylight driving only!

There are times I just wished our government didn't forget to implement the very same regulations that they give to the road users. Maan. Fuck the halofags. And fuck the government for letting them get away with it.

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