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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here's a collection of "gemstone" chatlogs I found from my archives from almost four years ago. Holy shit. It's been that long huh? Anyway, since this guy is no longer working for the company I no longer work in either, I can now safely post these without fear of getting arrested at the airport on my next trip to Hongkong.

Episode 1: Chinese characters, not the Chinese
hi jet
hello alan
i took a look at the deployed version but it seems the chinese are corrupt
don't worry, that's the same problem in our country too.

Episode 2: Alan is asking for my teammate, Chu
hi jet
i just want to ask
is chu left?
as far as i know, she's right.

Episode 3: Brokeback Server
hi jet
i cant replicate the bug that you're talking about
heheheh I see.
could you please attach your log to me?
my what?

Episode 4: Feelin' Strange
seems the bug is gone now :)
but i feel strange and i dont know why
why are there still entries in the logfile?
The logs that are appearing are coming from another debug patch.

One thing you quickly learn when working in a multinational company is that misunderstandings will happen, and more often than not (as long as nobody dies because of it) it leads to much laughter.

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