Water and Dreams

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And water, though, of form devoid,
still seeketh paths of earthen carved
It heeds no voice, neither man nor God
but listens to the beckon of the sea

For the path laden - oft grace descent,
and the basin whence it rests
to wish water to come to thee
pave the land. thine ocean be.

[an old post of mine from RB]

Fulfillment is like water. It doesn't come to you unless you make way for it to find you. Put effort in and good things will come to you naturally. Put in too much effort and you'll drown.

Nothing funny about this post. Spend the day thinking about what you want to do in life and how you need to get your ass off that computer chair and do something about it, unless you're dreaming of spending the rest of your life in that computer chair, in which case simply not moving will fulfill your dream.

Then come back tomorrow. Normal posts resume.

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