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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

505 posts. That's a year and a half's worth of posts. To those who've been there since the start, thanks for sticking around. To those who've come a bit late, or are just stumbling upon this site, thanks for visiting anyway. I can claim that I'm writing on this site for my own satisfaction but I'd be lying if I said that. I want to vent, true. I also want people to smile. Then I want to vent on those who're smiling, and maybe they'd learn a thing or two somewhere in the process.

Most of the time I try to stay away from private issues of my life here in Public Static, but seeing this is a special opportunity to attention whore, I'll indulge.

I'm still at the company I joined a year before starting this site. I'm now also actively participating in the stock market. The standup comedy dream is still very real to me right now but the book publishing gig isn't. I broke up with somebody shortly after starting this blog. 505 posts later I've found myself loving somebody again - I'd like to think this is the last. I lost and gained friends because of these events, and I have no regrets. The shirt printing business is up in smoke, but the blueprints are still preserved. (I'm still willing to teach interested people how to do things, and why I failed) The net commerce project is still under development, but right now I'm not into thinking about it too much. I'm still writing fiction for both RO and mainstream, though not as frequently. I've started playing Ragnarok Online again, though not as seriously as before.

During the last 505 posts, I've cosplayed, done standup comedy, made short films, played piano pieces (and poorly), gone traveling to different parts of the country but it seems not even another 500 posts will cover other stuff I want to do. As of writing, I still have not drawn up any concrete plans on how to invade Sabah and Guam. Too lazy.

That's about it. The reason I never write anything about my personal life is that it's far more boring than other stuff I write about (like midgets, north koreans, and porn) .

I know the edit quality of my posts isn't exactly the best. People have offered help, but I'd rather not trouble people if I can't even trouble myself to fix my own mistakes. I love writing, but the moment I edit, that's the moment I start taking things seriously. I don't want that for this site. Not right now.

Usually you thank people after something is already over, but that's just ignant. I'll do it now while we're still both alive, while this blog is still active, and while the internet hasn't been wiped out by the massive waves of stupidity crashing into it everyday. Thank you all for reading my articles, random and senseless as they may come. It makes me happy to see you guys happy.

That's all for now.

The future King of the Kingdoms of Sabah and Guam,

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