One lousy way to get busted for lip synching

Thursday, January 24, 2008

See, when you do stupid shit, all that's bound to get back at you. Throw garbage at the canal and come rain time, that used condom will end up knocking at your front door. Keep drunk driving and you'll end up painting graffiti along EDSA's walls - with your spleen. That's direct cause and effect right there.

And then there are things like misusing talent. God gives you the voice that will let you become famous, get ridiculous amounts of wanton sex that even politicians can only dream about, and get away with just about anything (see Michael Jackson).

When I say just about anything, I mean there are still a couple of stupid things you shouldn't do. This video right here shows one of those very few things that's still out of line:

You got a great voice, but you decide to get lazy and just use "technology" to make your life easier. And because it's hard for something so stupid to get back at you directly, Heaven intervenes just enough to cause you to fall off the fucking stage, scatter what remnant of dignity you have in you while singing something about saying sorry and apologies.

Divine intervention, fuck yeah.


Blogoloco - Win $250 said...

oh dear - just watched the video

Hiks said...

Ampucha ang sagwa nu'n. I wonder if I'd be able to live that down if it were me. :O


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