Sunday, October 08, 2006

So my sister and I were talking about the lost traditions of the past a few days ago. One of them, she was bayanihan, literally meaning "heroism". As kids we were taught that the best example of this is a group of men trying to move a house using their bare arms.

As a kid I've always questioned motives as to why a house has to be moved specially since back in the day, there wasn't really much "prime estate" to choose from, the only things around you were muddy roads and rice fields. But that's besides the point.

As for the picture being drawn like communist propaganda, don't ask me. I have no fucking idea either.

Anyway, going back to the topic, she told me Filipinos are outsmarting one another now, stealing and scamming their fellowmen. They are not helping each other in the same spirit as the picture shows us anymore.

I looked at the picture hard and figured the puzzle out.

The tradition didn't disappear. We were just reading our cards wrong.

I mean, nobody ever mentioned the house belonged to anyone of those men.

At least, not yet.

I mean, if it takes 3 men to steal/rob/snatch a cellular phone, it's only logistically right to have more men on the job when stealing the house of some douche from the next village.

I imagine poor Mario going back at the end of the day working at the fields screaming:

"Where the FUCK is my house?"

Bayanihan, bitch. Welcome to the Philippines.


rei said...

hmm,.. bayanihan,.. nabasa ko lang yun sa "Without Seeing the Dawn",..

ung bida kasi napaalis sila ng pamilya niya sa lupang sinasakahan nila,.. kaya yung bahay nilang nakatayo sa lupang iyon,.. kailangan ding alisin,..

magkaka-kilala naman sila lahat sa barrio kaya,.. parang volunteer na rin yung mga kaibigan na tumulong maglipat ng bahay,.. :P

~ang saya naman nun,. nanakawin bahay mo,.. wahehe feel ko wala nang bayanihan sa panahon ngayon~

Kyle said...

I disagree. Bayanihan was under the context that those people helping each other are friends. In the days of old, anyone in your town (assuming you're not Manila-grown) is automatically your friend. Hence, a lot of people helping each other to perform a task.
Nowadays, Filipino friends are still more willing to lend out a hand than their foreign counterparts. One's circle of friends just gotten smaller.
By the way, acquintance does not equal friend.


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