When it rains...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Somebody should invent a portable foam dispenser about the size of a small umbrella. You know you'd still be wet when it rains hard, but hey, free foamed-up street party.

One thing I like about the rain though is that all guys get to become superman at some point, gaining the power to see through women's clothes. I realized I'm still no superman though when I get too excited, take off my pants, and realize there's nothing underneath.

How the hell does Clark Kent manage on those days he forgets to bring his costume at work? One minute he's a super hero cum reporter the next thing you know he's the infamous phonebooth stripper.

One probably reason why we never really see much of Poland's diverse culture is that any troupe coming out of their country would have to face having to answer to the call of being "pole dancers."

If ever we live to see the future that happened in Terminator, I bet it would be really rude to do The Robot dance at ANY party (unless of course it's hosted by SkyNet)

Oh yeah, I have a multiply account now. Hook me up.


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