Today, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'd like to mark this day as a National Day of Mourning for all the gullible souls that inhabit our side of the internet. May you all rest in peace and never multiply. Seriously, we should consider weaponizing this kind of stupidity. We'd put gullible people in warheads and send them off to other countries where they'll spread their warfare-grade enriched dose of jackassery. It'll be devastating* We'd be a superpower in no time (granted there's enough left of us to actually still have a country)

I will not blog about the stupid earthquake prediction. Whoever even considers that mail is a moron. If you've done so and you're reading this right now, here's what I have to say.

You're a moron. You're a burden to society. You do not deserve to breathe the same air I breathe. You should never have kids. You should not get in contact with other people's kids, or other people for that matter. Get out of this website. Out of the internet, if possible. We need less ignorant asstards cluttering up our webspace. Print out your forwarded mail and choke on it. If you don't know how to print copies of your emails, call tech support and ask them to choke you instead. It's be the best thing you'll ever do for society.

Other than that, today's a pretty nice day, ain't it?

*Under the assumption that the target country has at least a good dose of stupid people as well, which is almost always the case.


Lorin Buenavista said...

I cannot help but smirk on people who actually believe the July 18th Earthquake. In an interview with GMA/ABS-CBN (whatever), da Luz did confirm that he predicted an earthquake on the same date, but he never even mentioned any particular country. I'm sure the perpetrators of this e-mail prank are laughing at those paranoids who are making a big deal on the earthquake predictions. >___>

Momo said...

Saw the email as well and I wonder what the hell made people think that it was true. >_>


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