If we did as the politicians do...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It'd be nice if all jobs can be like how politicians do their work.

You go to a surgeon, have your appendix removed, and then after you wake up you'll see a large plastic stitched on your belly that says "THIS IS WHERE YOUR HOSPITAL BILLS GO. APPENDIX PROUDLY REMOVED BY DR. JOACIN SALAMAT MANLAPI JR. - SURGEON". And it's done with the brightest colors you can think of.

You get held up by a cellphone thief one night and just before he stabs you with his rusty ice pick, he poses while another accomplice takes a picture of him doing the stab, with a campaign-winning smile on his face and a thumbs up sign in his free hand.

A prostitute asks if you want her service. You discretely agree, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. Then, out of nowhere, press come storming in, with the hooker announcement on your plans and how good "it" is going to be. Meanwhile, other hookers will whistleblow and say you're paying too much, with some of the hooker money allegedly being spent on "systems" loss. The hookers debate on why the paid for amount is justifiable and why it can't be attributable to just handjobs. Meanwhile you're still waiting for the sex that will never really come...

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