Ode To My Umbrella

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another umbrella of mine has gone with the wind.
To join my other parasols in the big place in the sky
where umbrellas enjoy all the rain drops they want
splashing on their latex faces like in a Japanese adult video
where no wind will ever touch its frames unbent
where no gust will ever twist its locks unbusted
where no storm will ever rape its hinges like a crazy motherfucker
and leave it looking like some robotic tentacled monster

Another umbrella of mine has gone with the wind
how it sailed with the ravage for one last time
in protecting me from the wet, it never lacked
even as it screamed the same way I would
if my bones bent like that, anyway
Thank god I'm not made of aluminum and cloth.
It lies now on the floor, but its spirit shall remain
folded in my heart for the storms of my own soul

Another umbrella of mine has gone with the wind
the seventh, if I knew how to count past five
it's a windy place for me to live in,
and a brave world for such a frail umbrella
for its frames are weak and made in China
but its mettle is of steel
and its courage out of this world.

let this
let this be
this is be my ode
this is my ode to my friend
An Ode To my friend the umbrella
Ode to my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh. )
can't read)

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dRaMaQuEn said...

This really got me laughing!!! Hahaha!!!


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