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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

subtitle: (But you still blow, bigtime)

What is it with people wearing ghutras lately? I'm not really a close observer of the local fashion trends but occasionally, people who're responsible for creating the latest fashion come up with ideas so stupid, the sheer idiocy smacks you in the face like a fist of irony from 50 meters away of the wearer.
pictured: stupid, in different colours

I understand that our brothers in the South have cultural attachment to the Middle East, but I don't recall people from Luzon ever had a thing for Arabic culture, or any semblance of culture outside hivemind fashion mentality for that matter.

Supporters would often tell me, it's more of a practical thing than fashion. Every time I hear that, I die a little, and get an increase in my criminal tendencies. I seriously beg to differ (if possible, with a loaded revolver in hand)

Ghutras as I remember them from my stay in Saudi were mainly for keeping the face from turning into a human sandbox during sandstorms, which is the equivalent of our Typhoons here, except the raindrops are solid and have this thing for raping your skin with the delicacy of rough sandpaper through soft wood. Worn on the face, Ghutras are very efficient in keeping the sand out.

On better days it protected people from the blast of the sun, because better days just means the sun is up and is hot enough to fry eggs spread out in the middle of the road, not that anybody would cook that way, given that Arabs are helluva fast drivers. And since your brain is normally no different from eggs, it only makes sense to use a ghutra to make sure your head doesn't get directly exposed to the sun. On these days, they're worn ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD WHERE YOUR GODDAMN BRAIN IS.

During winter, people do wear the ghutras around their neck to prevent them from losing unnecessary heat through their necks. Funny because I don't recall our country ever having this season they call "winter". That's probably why I'm raging whenever I see assholes wearing the ghutra in this fashion, walking around in arid heat, the same way leather jackets are worn by our pinoy movie kontrabidas just to look badass (and fail at it).

I guess we'll just be chalking up this one with those things people will be laughing at ten years from now, along with wearing glorified bathroom slippers, plastic mold crocs, and pointy shoes for women.

I'm from the future though, because I don't need ten years to realize how stupid these things are, and every single person who wears them out of trendism.

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