Benefits of Wearing A Flu Mask (N95)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So I finally wore a flu mask today going home from work. In case somebody here is a smartass, I'll go on ahead and say yes, the mask does very limited help in protecting you from contracting flu. I know that already, and thank you for informing us you have google too.

If, however, you think that you may want to stop the chain of infections by removing the "lol not me" kind of mentality, go buy an N95 mask (the one that looks like what carpenters use when painting). It's a lot more useful than the standard surgical masks. Those things are available at Watsons for 65 pesos apiece.

Anyway, that said, here are some of the other indirect benefits of wearing a flu mask (aside from preventing flu)

1. Everything coming out of your mouth gets filtered, so you might as well have bad breath and the people around you will hardly notice, except you of course, since your mouth and nose share the same space, it's basically like fart bombing yourself on a continous basis. If you have a high tolerance for rancid things, wearing a mask allows you to skip brushing your teeth, because hey, who knows where that might lead? (answer: being an acceptable member of society)

2. Wearing a mask instantly creates an invisible wall made up of smuggery and fear around you, rendering you free to move about while people consciously avoid you like the plague. Which is funny, because shouldn't you be more scared at people who have their filthy mouths uncovered and aimed at your face? Ever thought of what it feels like to be Moses? Wear a mask and walk in the middle of an MRT train. Start coughing if you think you need more elbow room.

3. You can make faces all you want, and nobody will ever know, you're puckering up already at that sexy girl beside you in the bus. (Provided your eyes aren't as betraying as mine)

4. People focus on your mask, carefully distracting them from noticing your raging penis erection.


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This is good habit to wear the flu mask while your are going outside to protect your self from getting effected by Viral diseases.


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