UP AME no Jidai 2009 Date and Venue Confirmed

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's confirmed, folks. UP Anime and Manga Enthusiasts (AME)'s yearly fair is going to be held this year on November 28, 2009. Surprisingly, the venue has changed to the A-Venue Hall, admittedly a bit larger than the usual Bahay ng Alumni venue that's always been AME's turf when it comes to the yearly fair. Yay for not having to go too far to attend. Having always been a south boy, 25 years on and I still feel alien in Quezon City. It's like if people started talking in a strange dialect and made use of a different currency, I won't least be surprised.

Anyway, yeah, granted I'm available, I'll most likely be attending this affair as well. Whether or not I'll be wearing something silly that I will regret showing to my kids one day is still up for much debate by subject matter experts.

As for the meaning of AME no Jidai, it's probably about a group of special individuals who are capable of harnessing the Force. (before some hardcore otaku hits this sites with typical smartass comments, yes I am full aware of the joke that I'm throwing and yes I am aware that it is corny as hell.)

If any of you guys will be coming too, drop a message. We can go exchange some really terribly bad puns there while drinking gulaman. (God mandates there be gulaman in all AME conventions, and that's something you can always look forward to)


Anonymous said...

this gulaman you speak of, what is it? =P


Nothing to it. Just plain gulaman.

I don't know why every AME fair has to have it, but I'm thankful it exists.

SA10 said...

gotta taste that gulaman..

only available once a year...


asukal10a said...

where is this.. A-Venue Hall?
is it in UP as well?


It's somewhere in Makati.

Anonymous said...

What are the events/activities in this year's AME? I missed the Karaoke last year.. I hope there will be another this year..

Anonymous said...


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