Sefl-Quarantine, Day 2

Friday, June 05, 2009

Today's the second day that I stopped going anywhere outside my flat. Last Wednesday night I began feeling slightly feverish, fatigued, and drowsy, which is according to my constitution, either I have been drinking too much scotch beer or I'm going to get a flu. Usually, sleeping solves the problem, but in some cases, the fever lasts longer.

Considering I live near La Salle and I have a lot of Lasallian neighbors, I've decided to put myself in a self-imposed quarantine.

Yes, I can still go to work. And yes, the symptoms I'm having a relatively mild. But that doesn't mean I should act stupid and think the swine flu can't happen to me, which is probably what infected people are thinking, and why the virus keeps on spreading.

And then you ask me, "Red, the flu kills only 2% of the infected, you scared pussy! Why are you so nervous?" Well, that's true, and granted, I won't really panic about me dying soon. The thing is, while you and me might not be endangered by some variant of having chills and a runny nose, other people might, like you know, people with pulmonary conditions.

So preventing catching and spreading the H1N1 isnt totally about avoiding death. It's more about trying to save other people from dying because you're being dangerously ignorant.

In a way, I might just be doing the most heroic thing I've done this month.

While inside my house, doing practically nothing.

Can you do that, superman?

Yes, it's inconvenient and yes, it sounds overkill, but nobody ever said curbing the spread was going to be easy. I bet half of the asshats who kept on commenting about how I was too harsh on the firsdt infected La Sallian student for being aloof, are out in malls right now thinking they probably not "it", and are probably filthying up this country as we speak.

Stupidity kills, and that's fine by me.

What worries me is that sometimes stupidity of one person kills other, smarter, people too.


hiteki said...

still wondering why people are so afraid of a flu strain that killed 200 people worldwide in about a month as compared to the normal flu that kills 35k people in the us alone... 0_0

- id no. 109XXXXX

Anonymous said...

RedKinoko does have a point. I don't want to die because of other people's stupidity/carelessness.
Though I doubt I'd die of a flu, but still it's better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck on the self quarantine.
Don't die yet because I love your blog so much. hahaha just kidding. xD

Anonymous said...

screw those people who made you remove your post!

hiteki said...

well they had a reason to do that. It wasn't really the girl's fault since she arrived in the philippines on may 12 and she only felt the symptoms may 29 so you cant really blame her for what had just happened.


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