Voltes Five Opening Song

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Here's a video for the apologists who claim that the 80s is the best time to have spent your childhood. If this video tells us anything, it's this: YES, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

(more nostalgia after the jump)

Maaan cartoon opening songs used to be so damn epic. If you read the lyrics there, the Voltes V opening song is an anthem to awesomeness, which is understandable, because this was written and sang before people developed buzzkill ideas like "political correctness", "doctrines of nonviolence", and "Mar Roxas".

Anybody singing this song out loud is like singing a war hymn while on the way to battle. (What's that Ben 10? You need to get circumcised? Sure, man.)

If I die, I want this to be my funeral march song. It'd be so awesome. The only way I can think it can become more awesome is for my coffin to start merging with four other coffins to form a coffin robot or something. Think we're dead? THAT'S WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT DOCTOR ARMSTRONG TOO! And we'd probably save the world while we're at it.

About the vid, it's still sending me mixed emotions. I never thought the singing voice in the opening song was natural and seeing a 50 year old woman sing it perfect to the pitch while wearing what looks like a tattered fireman and boots kinda make me cringe a bit.

But then again, that's what manly things do to you.

You cringe (and grow chest hair at the same time).

Good stuff.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the best anime opening song ever. And i agree, that would sound nice with a coffin.
- ipe


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