Harmless music you don't really want to hear while having sex

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

- Tetris Theme Song

- Voltes V Opening Song

- S2pid Love by Salbakuta

- Bridal Chorus aka "Here comes the bride"

- The Selecta/Cornetto melody

- Circus! Theme music


Cosplaying God said...

The Selecta theme song is actually a Paddle Pop song. While I was in Malaysia I used to hear it a lot. Its even got a song with it.


Its just that here in the Phil they removed the song and people thought it was the Selecta theme.


It's possible that the malaysian icecream is actually under the Heartbrand group of icecreams, which is pretty much the same icecream all over the world with just different names. Selecta here, Wall's in Britain, Good Humor in the states, etc.

ririca said...

There's also the Power Rangers theme. :)


Anonymous said...

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