Villar Doesn't Get It

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Manny Villar is passing a resolution to protect social networkers, and specifically pointed out the cases that are now being investigated by the police “wherein the suspects used Facebook and text messages to lure people, specially minors, into engaging in sexual activities.” Apparently, part of this device or scheme is to use the online networking system of establishing ‘clans’ and inviting youths to join where part of the initiation includes participation in sexual activities.
Or the resolution said.

I'm not sure if we're talking about the same internet here. Last time I checked, a clan is a term used for online games, networked games and the like. Having participated in a lot of these clan thingies for the better part of my post-pubescent life, I can conclude that there is nothing sexual in it, not counting men who try to masquerade as women in order to lure more men into the clan thinking that there is sex coming to them. 90% of these clans are constituted by men. 8% more of them are female identities secretly operated by men. The 2% remain the elusive womenfolk that actually exist.

A friend of a friend of mine who used to chat up this other guy told me and swears by it that one time, he actually saw a biological female in an EB of another clan. He swears by it enough so I believe him.

Anyway, unless men suddenly develop an evolutionary ability to physically change gender while connected to the internet, No, there will be no sexing that's going to happen. If ever, it's the opposite. By associating yourself with online clans, you in a sense ward off the idea of sex. For all the praise and acclaim the geek culture is getting nowadays, in truth, women are still repulsed by the idea of the clan-based geek. Clans are like what's promised to Islam fundamentalists. 99 virgins, albeit they're all men.

We can say that it's a passive contraceptive of sorts - the type that would make Bishops climax just thinking about it. I think we're approachign the problem in the wrong direction. We should pass a counteresolution. Promote clanism. It's like being in a frat and entering a seminary at the same time.

Population control of the new age.

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