Hay-Kho and Haiku : An objective comparison

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

On the right corner, we have Haiku, an ancient Japanese form of poetry and currently the most bastardized icon of culture by the Western World. On the left corner, we have Hayden Kho's videos, which isn't really art, but is just as famous at the moment.

That said, let's get it on!

Haiku - Lines vary in length, but generally short and straight to the point
Hay-Kho - Videos vary in length, but generally short and pointless

Haiku - Very easy to make, anybody with a pulse and a writing hand can make them
Hay-Kho - Slightly harder to make, specially if you have to hid the camera - needs more than just a hand to make, you also need a partner (preferrably decent looking)

Haiku - Usually used to depict nature such as the moon and the stars
Hay-Kho - often found with Hayden mooning random celebrity stars

Haiku - Japanese in origin, but later associated with lazy western poets
Hay-Kho - Korean in origin, but later associated with lots of pwet from all over the world.

Haiku - usually badly written, but people claim to find profoundness in it anyway
Hay-Kho - badly shot, poorly lit, but people can't seem to get enough of them

Haiku - thousands of them are being churned out from the keyboards of misdirected teenagers on a daily basis
Hay-Kho - it's said only 40 of them have ever been made (so far)

Haiku - Reading them makes you feel good, as in "I feel good because I know I can do better than this 17-syllable piece of dogturd"
Hay-Kho - Makes you feel good in more ways than one, for reasons I won't go into details here.

Haiku - Make one now and you'd probably be ashamed to show them to your children one day
Hay-Kho - They're like heirloom, man, in the same way we all inherited vintage porn from our ancestors.


Anonymous said...

Hay-Kho wins!

Jherskie said...

quite agree. hay-kho wins.


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