RIP Michael Crichton

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm taking the time off from my busy schedule to do this post. It seems that the writer whose works of fiction have influenced my story writing the most has finally passed away last November 4 due to cancer.

I still have a two Crichton books that I haven't read (Airframe, Next), and looking at his wikipedia entry, only one book's left unpublished (coming 2009). I've always thought it's okay to indulge myself in reading as many of his books as possible because he's still alive. Now that the previous statement has changed, I'll have to read a bit slower.

Michael Crichton's pioneering way of making Science Fiction as close to reality as possible is simple, yet hard to replicate. He takes theories and interweaves them with actual proven sciences, making the seams between fact and fiction hardly distinguishable even with contemporary observers. Any idiot can say "laser aliens", but it takes a Crichton to say "atmospheric pathogens forced to earth by crashing satellites", as he have in Andromeda Strain.

Rest in Peace, Mike.

Those were fucking awesome stories.

A bit on the nerdy side, but still fucking awesome.

I haven't been updating lately for the following reasons:

- UNO (Hi Pao!)
- Fully Booked GL Awards
- JackTV's Laffapalooza 2
- Work work work

Hopefully, next week will be less busy. (and we can continue with Chemical Manila too)

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