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Saturday, November 08, 2008

I finally mustered up enough cojones today to attend the auditions for the second JackTV Laffapalooza. The last time I tried to pull something similar was almost a year ago in the form of a comedy workshop where I basically dicked around, so this is all really new to me.


If you've noticed, I barely put in anything on this blog the past few days. That's because those days (and nights) were dedicated to coming up with, and eventually scrapping my material repeatedly, with the help of my guinea pigs forced volunteers in the form my girlfriend and my sisters.

It's been hell, I tell you. In the end, I settled with something I wrote while idling at work the afternoon of Friday, leaving me with a grand total of 8 hours to memorize things, give or take a few hours of sleep.

Being the amazingly dedicated guy I am, I chose to just sleep it off and use cue cards instead. I know it sounds sleezy, but I figured an few additional hours of sleep will cause less damage than using those hours to memorize (and from my experience with 16 years of schooling, I can't memorize jack shit under pressure).

The following day, I was able to acquaint with three other auditioners, JB, Mike, and Geraldine. Mike was a first timer like me, while JB and Geraldine have done Open Mics in Alchemy already. (I really should have gone with them two days before)

The venue didn't have any audience other than the waiters, JackTV personnel, and the judges. As for my feeling at that time, I felt horrified. There I was, a standup comedy virgin, facing a crowdless run, with a bunch of other people who looked like they'd make a killing even on a catatonic crowd.

I was third to perform, which is kinda cool because I got the time to pump myself up (at the expense of looking like a shit-chucking retarded ape beside the stage). When I got up in front, I introduced myself and took in questions. During the interview, it was awesome to learn that the judge, Tim Tayag used to be a software developer like me. Hurray for nerds who cross stereotypes.

Two things though, I apparently did not clarify enough when I said I was referring to dragqueen comedy as something I'm not gay enough for, and that I may have accidentally implied I'm gay on TV. Not cool.

The rest of the routine went even better than my last rehearsal on Friday night. I got decent laughs too, though I'm sure I could've done much better. Still, not bad for a first time.

One thing I noticed, and one of the judges did to, was that I was talking in singsong already, with a funny accent. Instead of coming off as funny, I looked crazy, which is one gimp clownsuit short of insane.

As for my jokes, one of my jokes was already apparently done more times than Terra Patrick on film, and gave the impression I was hacking (stealing jokes) and it was my first joke to boot. Really bad effect. I should've heeded my girlfriend when she said it sounded to common. I'm a stubborn ass, so there.

All in all, after I convinced myself I don't want to do this to win, and that I just want people to have as much fun as me when I'm talking to myself, everything came quite naturally already. I'm not sure how I'll fare compared to the other competitors but whatever happens, I think I was able to achieve what I set out to do.

Of course, getting a final 12 position would be a boner-inducer too, but I'm not really absolutely wanting it. Much.

Thanks to everybody who supported me, and yes, this blog will go on.


Plasticbagman said...

Nice one man! Kaya mo yan. Audition is just the first step.

You better be there when they call you up for the real deal.

Practice makes perfect, and like I say, you're always welcome in Alchemy

dRaMaQuEeN said...

Say it with me, intonation. You had a funny intonation. :)


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