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Thursday, April 26, 2007

So my mom, sisters, and I were watching this show called "The Tarzan Experience" in Disneyland Paris. It featured Cirque d' Soleil style circus acrobatics made much more difficult by the present onstage props of trees and cumbersome costumes the performers had to wear. While the floor had springs under them, it's convincingly dangerous to fall from the height at which some of these performers balancing from. Of all the attractions in the park, performers in the show would probably have the largest chance of incurring injury or death on the job. Each tumble and twirl is coordinated by a minimum of two other performers and everything has to be in synch with both the stage direction - and more importantly - music. One has to wonder how many hours of tiring practice these people had to put up with just to be able to deliver a 25 minute show about a cartoon predominantly watched by children under 12. At the very end of the show, a very enervated Tarzan keeps his composure befitting of a jungle man and yells his signature jungle call.

The crowd applauses.

And then my sister finally makes her remark about the show.

"Wow," she says, "Tarzan shaves."

(Video of the show finale taken from my camera)

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