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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Talking to this girl is like playing tennis against a wall. You can't win unless you change the rules of a game. She's cool like that. (p.s. I am not emo)

redkinoko: can't sleep again.
Fat Kat: shabu?
redkinoko: psychological.
Fat Kat: [sighs] okay, spill it
redkinoko: next time, start charging per hour
Fat Kat: and he digs his own grave
redkinoko kk, here goes.
redkinoko: I know I'm supposed to be happy about everything right now with my life but for some reason I'm sad.
redkinoko: remember the time I was fucking down with [edited]?
Fat Kat: u kinda took everybody along with u for the ride so yes
redkinoko: feels like that now
Fat Kat: u dont even have a gf. go emo on me and ill cut u myself
redkinoko: pretend to be my gf so all will be well
Fat Kat: Pretend u're remotely bedworthy and we have a deal
redkinoko: I have a pillow where my abs should be. im all sheraton.
Fat Kat: cute. unfortunately only ur jokes
redkinoko: hence pretend.
Fat Kat: i have poor imagination
redkinoko: And taste, as I recall.
Fat Kat: if i hook up with u ill pretend i dont
Fat Kat: ill have to!
redkinoko: Fine.
Fat Kat: wow. this early too? u really are troubled
redkinoko: the giddyness is gone.
Fat Kat: and he runs out of medicine
redkinoko: thanks for the laugh though.
Fat Kat: thats me
Fat Kat: laughing stock
redkinoko: hey, earlier status:
redkinoko: "and then i realize, just because I want you to be happy doesn't mean I have to be sad. We'll get ours at the same time"
Fat Kat: is this about your impotence and masturbating?
redkinoko: t('-'t)
Fat Kat: hahahaha
Fat Kat: its good
redkinoko: thanks. i made it just this evening.
Fat Kat: u know, you really can be happy while being my slave
Fat Kat: phil does it
redkinoko: i wasnt talking about you and phil probably has other reasons to be happy about
redkinoko: like you-know-who from midas
Fat Kat: great. we can call it quits
redkinoko: You evil evil woman!
Fat Kat: so where's the quote for?
redkinoko: random
Fat Kat: right
Fat Kat: random
Fat Kat: 10 binary cents
Fat Kat: happiness is a state of mind
Fat Kat: not a product of any of ur action
Fat Kat: u can be happy anytime
Fat Kat: it can be controlled
Fat Kat: so forget about all ur troubles
Fat Kat: and sing
redkinoko: WTF
Fat Kat: its a jolly holly day with u bert
redkinoko: where did that come from?
Fat Kat: Mary Poppins - the movie to answer all problems
redkinoko: okay i think ive had enough.
redkinoko: two things. I got other options and I don't need this.
Fat Kat: nice goatie by the way
redkinoko: And because of that im blogging this.
Fat Kat: send the check via mail darling
redkinoko: over my dead body!
Fat Kat: kthx
Fat Kat: see ya

note: edited my name and some parts to increase readability ( and minimize dignity loss)
@phil: if you read this, peace man.


Anonymous said...

I still envy "her".

I’m so restless that day ‘coz it’s so damn special to me. I've spent hours & hours watching endlessly the video I got from a friend a year ago, oh that cursed cursed Lake!

I feel so numb...


Anonymous said...

leave jet alone.

Anonymous said...

I will, thanks.

"When people get drunk, they tend to say things they normally take years to say.Some would even go over board and confess their heart's inner desire or secrets. But when the spirit of alcohol fizzles out and you become sober, you revert back to the same old person wearing a mask or cloak.After the hang over, you realize how stupid you are but on what aspect? For doing things while you were drunk or for being true to yourself?" - from the melodrama of a selfish stoopid biatch.

I'm sorry for being one...

Riina said...

and your point is? god ur annoying.

Anonymous said...

You are annoying too! I said I will leave him alone! What is your problem? Gosh! Hey this is supposed to be between me and him, so please fucked off! I don't want to loose my temper but ur pushing me...I know ur a very concerned true friend or whatever...but you don't have a single damn right to say that to me! Bitter na ko kung bitter for what happened. But it's a blog and all could leave a comment. I rarely leave a comment here FYI. I just did it now for the obvious reason that I know you also know why.

I can't see what is wrong with what I've done, it's not like I've been doing something nasty to Jet, like stalking him or making prank calls. Sorry to disappoint you dear, those I cannot do. All I can is write & text him but even those are not on a regular basis for God's sake. So ok to end this up, 'coz I don't have the energy anymore to defend myself, I will repeat, for the sake of you and him and to others who is very interested in this "scene" that I will leave him alone from now on. I'm so fed up na with this issue for a YEAR now. So I'll be sticking to my word, dont you worry dearie.

Happy now?

Anonymous said...

Man, when did the comments section become the emo/attentionwhore zone?


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