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Monday, October 18, 2010

Here's what's going on with my life so far:

1. I went to Japan, and I still haven't done the writeup as promised. Maybe if somebody can sponsor another trip to Japan, I'd be able to write something more comprehensive than "lol I can't read shit thar". *hint hint*

2. Work's been heavy and I barely have time for pretty much everything else in the list. Yes, I'm using it as an excuse, and yes, it's a legal defense according to the great book of procrastination.

3. My magazine writing stint is on hold. I'm still thinking whether I should pursue the whole gig further, maybe branch out to other titles where my writing is more suitable. The good news is that there are a lot of other options like FHM and Game!, the bad news is that the magazine where my skills will fit the most has not been established yet - Masturbation Monthly.

4. I'm seriously contemplating going back to the standup comedy scene. I've accumulated material over the years that I've stopped, and I think I've gotten better handling my stage fright thanks to my job description. Bad part is, my jokes still suck when I tell them. I wonder if people will still allow me up on the mic.

5. After Lost and Found, the Graphic Fiction Awards, and my work with my cuz, Gharawi, I finally got me a faster computer which can actually edit digital videos shot at a rate faster than 5fps without suffering from a meltdown. I'm thinking of trying this field again. If I have time. Friends who can pass for actors. A charger for our video cam.

6. Stock market's doing great. Playing bits and pieces, but not as actively before. There's profit in patience. Bonds are doing great, thanks to my mom's advice.

7. Rewrite of Chemical Manila is ongoing, although for now, I'm not publishing it anywhere online. I just found out yesterday that there's a graphic series called Zombies in Manila. I'd like to raise the fact that I started in 2008 with the first iteration of the series (you can see the first post here in the blog). I'm not knocking anybody off, and the trope "zombies in ___" is pretty staple. It's the execution that will matter in the long run.

8. I quit modding for Ragnaboards. Or rather, I'm just making it official. The whole thing's going to the dumpers in a few weeks anyway. If you used to be active in that community, now's the best time to make backups.

9. I've finally read Wanted: Full Support Priestess in it's entirety, two years after I finished writing all 70 chapters of it. It's not as bad as I originally thought it was. It's real lightweight, and I had fun reading it. I'd say even those people who arent familiar with Ragnarok Online could get something out of it - as I had originally intended.

10. Doing interior design for really small interiors is a bitch. Paying for what you put in those interiors, is too. Won't divulge too much details here.

11. I have a suprise trip coming up. Won't divulge on details either.

12. Currently playign dot hack GU redemption on my PC. The PS2 emulator is love.

13. Amagami is a very lovely anime series. Fans of harem animu should definitely watch it.

14. I have too many things on my list now, don't I? I'll just end here.

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