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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The internet will kill creativity as we know it. First, technology is making it easier and more fulfilling to spectate rather than create. Exposure to talent all over the world raises the bar of standards higher than ever before, and that makes starting out more daunting for a beginner. It's harder to get motivated if people aren't around to appreciate you.

Second, with access to more prior art, it's now easier to just look for something to copy than to furnish one yourself. The race between catching copycats and finding more obscure sources to copy from seems like it's over. The teachers cannot catch students who steal reports online anymore. Musicians can copy songs from another country without anybody ever noticing. The copycats won, and now it's being integrated into culture. This is reflected in our current propensity to listen to covered music, revived movies, and cosplaying, all instances independent of each other but following the same line of thought.

"'In the information society, nobody thinks. We expect to banish paper, but we actually banish thought." - Michael Crichton.

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Anonymous said...

What makes it even more hopeless, if at all, is that I read a Cracked piece about that medical situation where your body can sometimes no longer tell that the things you made up that you think are authentic, are actually something you already most likely heard about before, and copied obviously but out of oblivion. Which means, even if there's nano-chance of feeling you're a bit doing barely ok creatively and you can now open a blog and start kicking ass, you get bogged down by knowing this fact that makes you tell yourself something like, hey you slut go simply watch porn you pathetic motherless dick because nothing's going to come out of your pisshole that isn't ass-based. That's probably why humor feels like an exception. Because nothing that makes you laugh becomes less great if fake. Unless of course money is an exception. Oh my god. I'm about to go depress myself again. Write jokes now.


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